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Natália O.

“I made a circuit in Jordan through this agency and I loved it. It was well organized. The accompanying tour guides went out of their way to meet what we needed. In my case I did not like one of the hotels and was immediately replaced by another one that I liked. I recommend."
Image by Daniel Twal

Javi V.

"The Darna agency has made me live possibly one of the best organized trips I have had to date, the human warmth and knowledge of its guides is worthy of recognition. I want to highlight Farhan and Hassan, splendid guides who have made the trip special, different. Friends, I thank you for everything you have done for us. Special mention for the Jordanians, the best people I have met from Arab countries. THANK YOU!"
Image by Spencer Davis

Manuel L.

"Perfect. This was my vacation in Jordan and Israel with this agency. They took care of everything and both hotels and transportation were great. But best of all the guides provided: Hassan and Farhan. Excellent at their job, speaking Spanish perfectly and wonderful people. The country is incredible and the Jordanian people are lovely, if you are thinking of going I recommend it."
Image by yeswanth M



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