Medical Tourism


Jordan is considered one of the few places which can provide a combination of quality health services and superior tourism facilities. The integration of therapy and tourism is currently a growing factor in the Jordanian economy. The medical sector in Jordan is the future home of expanded and improved medical, surgical and patient care services.


Why Jordan


There are several important factors which place Jordan amongst the leading countries in therapeutic tourism.

Firstly, the good climate throughout the country where sunshine is available all year round. Also, Cultural attractions such as Petra, Jerash and Islamic architectural sites. Nature has also provided an advantage as Jordan is rich with sources of mineral waters, hot waterfalls, and volcanic mud.

Some of the most important hot sots are: The Dead Sea, Maee'n Falls, Jordamian Hummah, Afra Falls.

Jordan is also gifted with many groundbreaking hospitals, prolific prominent doctors that have established a well-known status all over the world.





Jordan contains some of the best hospitals in the region and worldwide 55 private hospitals and 8 public and university hospitals provide top quality healthcare,  services and medical professionals with a fabulous reputation all over the globe.

Medical services in Jordan are well known for their novelty and the presence of some of the most important names in different medical fields. In Amman, the Jordanian capital, there is a large number of specialized hospitals that treat cancer, heart problems, optical diseases, infertility and family medicine in addition to other areas of specialization.


Darna Health Services (DHS)


Taking advantage of above mentioned factors, Darna has signed an agreement with Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital (Amman) being one of the best private hospitals in Jordan and the Middle East region, who can provide full health care and treatments.

Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital have a very qualified and experienced staff and doctors, who enable them to do the most complicated operation.

We at DHS will be able to serve our client by offering full health packages that cover the hospital fees, Accommodation as well as optional tours in Jordan during their stay in Jordan.

Standard operations such as :

- Total Hip Replacement (THR)

- Total Knee Replacement (TKR)

- Kidney Transplant  (KT)

- Open Heart Surgery

- Gamma Knife

- I V F

- Lumpier & Cervical  Disk


Any other operation can be done after receiving the patient case and consulting the hospital.


Special Health care & Spa Packages are available upon request.