Darna Educational Services (DES)

DARNA TRAVEL & TOURISM has been involved in the tourism business and in handling cultural & pilgrim packages to the Middle East for visitors from all over the world for 23 years. It has become one of the leading travel agencies in this field.

Searching for new and interesting ideas is one of Darna’s main objects, in order to extend our services & to meet our customers’ needs and wishes. Darna realizes there is a demand for non-Arabic speaking people all over the world to learn the Arabic language. Hence, Darna added “DES” Darna Educational Services for teaching the Arabic language to those who do not speak Arabic or to improve the level of Arabic speaking foreigners.

Offering high standards services is one of Darna’s objectives, and to achieve the highest educational standards and to insure the utmost benefit for students enrolled in our Arabic immersion programs, Darna has contracted and signed an agreement with II-TASOL at University of Jordan, also to provide more flexible services including the availability of courses starting every two months we have signed a new agreement with the Arab Community College / Al-Balqa’ Applied University in Amman, the Capital of Jordan, where ACC will be responsible for providing suitable programs according to students level and reasons for learning  the Arabic language. A ccertificate attested by Arabic community college & Al-Balqa’ Applied University will be given to the students after they finish the course.


Arab Community College/ Al-Balqa’Applied University & Arabic Courses

The Arab Community College (ACC) was established on 1980 and currently is under the supervision of Al-Balqa’ Applied University (BAU), which is, in term of number of students, considered one of the biggest in Jordan.

Al-Balqa' Applied University is a public state university established by the virtue of a royal decree, to provide qualified professionals who focus on applied technical studies, besides the academic studying in different fields.

BAU supervises academically, educationally, technically all of the private , military and the United Nations International Relief Organization (UNRWA) subsidiary community colleges (34) college including the ACC who have gained enough experience in dealing with students seeking Arabic immersion programs through 12 years of establishing their Arabic program for speakers of other languages, in order to meet all students requests, we will be running several

Arabic courses according to the purpose of learning Arabic;


  • Arabic for Business

  • Arabic for Diplomatic missions

  • Modern Arabic for University and College students (credited hours)

  • Colloquial Arabic

Arabic Language Courses



 Don’t just learn Arabic…… LIVE ARABIC

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